About Us

E. Tautz & Sons riding coat 1909

Edward Tautz founded E. Tautz in 1867 on London’s prosperous Oxford Street. Mr Tautz had been Foreman at the venerable Hammond & Co. where he had been tailor to Edward VII and others amongst Europe’s sporting elite. Quickly establishing a thriving business, The Times wrote:

“The Tautz’s make is as easily recognized by a connoisseur as the best brand of claret or the choicest Havana.”

The running fox 1874

The running fox first appeared on the Tautz stationary in the early 1870’s, always hand-drawn he changed from year to year. Beneath him sat the motto ‘FOLLOW’. The Tautz monogram first appeared in the late 1870’s. Again hand-drawn it spells out the letters E T & S (E. Tautz & Sons) in interlocking hunting whip and spurs.

Tautz catered to Europe’s sporting and military elite and by 1897 the house boasted Royal Warrants to the King of Italy, The King and Queen of Spain, The Emperor of Austria and the Duc d’Aosta. Other Royal Patrons included the Duke of Clarence, the Queen of Naples and the Empress of Austria. 

In 1895 Winston Churchill, aged just 21, placed his first order at Tautz. Churchill had been a fan from an early age and indeed as a schoolboy at Harrow once wrote to his mother imploring her to send him, amongst other things, ‘Breeches from Tautz.’ Mr Churchill ordered often but as was customary at the time was less frequent with his payments. A note in his journal reads:

“I should like to give Tautz something on account. They are all very civil.”

Winston Churchill bill 1901

Tautz was an innovator in both cut and cloth, continuously releasing innovative sporting clothes in new materials such as waterproof tweeds and meltons, specially softened buckskins and rainproof coverts. He achieved fame for his sporting trousers, breeches and overalls. The Tautz Overall was the cavalry officer’s trouser, cut slim and close, and long to cover the boot. Tautz also invented the ‘Knickerbocker’ breeches, cut specifically for ease of movement, helping usher in a new era in sportswear.

Cashmere corduroy riding breeches ca 1895

Today we take the same approach as Edward Tautz, going to great lengths to source and develop exceptional fabrics, and to be constantly refining the cut of our clothing. Much of the product that bears our name is made in our own factory in Blackburn Lancashire. The remainder we source predominantly from a small number of mills and manufacturers in the UK