Will Broome ‘Likes drawing things’ which is good because he works as an Illustrator and is much in demand in the fashion industry for both his illustration and his wit. He is the man behind Miss Marc for Marc Jacobs and those wonderful hand-drawn windows you see from time to time at Norton & Sons on Savile Row. He is currently developing a kids cartoon called ‘Frankie and Doris’ about “a pair of best friends. A shy green boy called Frankie, and a bonkers bony girl called Doris...she's actually a skeleton, so she's really bony”. Will is also a father, to Lola, 13. Lola stays with her father on Tuesday evenings, and on these evenings he cooks the tea. These teas have evolved into something of a ritual, and have come to be known as Dad Teas. Pictures of Dad Teas are posted on Will’s private Instagram and are overwhelmingly popular.

Will describes ‘Dad Tea’ and its origins thus.

Sausages, Spaghetti Hoops, Potato Shapes & Buttered White Bread

When I was a kid I wasn't allowed to watch Grange Hill so I'd always go to my mate Grant Smith's house for tea because:

A: he was allowed to watch Grange Hill

B: he had a MINT Scalextric

C: they ALWAYS had sausage, chips and beans for tea...and white bread & butter

I think I use tea at Grant Smith's as the foundation for Dad Tea.

Sausages, Roasts, Peas & Gravy

I'm from Nottinghamshire and gravy is an important 'ingredient'. Stuff with breadcrumbs on are also key, fish fingers for instance. We went through a waffles period, which we might revisit. Stuff with fried eggs on top is always good. We had Arctic Roll once.

Egg, Beans & Potato Waffle

In a world of avocado toast, quinoa and mung beans there should always be a place for sausage, chips and beans.

Shepherds Pie with Peas