There are few things in life more satisfying than a massive fashion cock-up. Sadly for the schadenfreudists evidence of the sartorial howlers of anyone born in the pre digital age are consigned to dim memory or dusty photo albums far from prying eyes.

Step forward Tom Coleman.

Coleman, an Emmy-nominated writer and filmmaker has convinced various celebrities, fashionistas, media insiders and regular people to share the horror garments and the stories behind them all of which appear in his book ‘I Actually Wore This: Clothes We Can’t Believe We Bought’.

Here he shares five of his favourite fashion missteps.

Tim Convery

This full Yeti suit was a strong choice to wear to the club. Sure, there was a chance you might go up in flames if you leaned too close to a candle, but a little danger always adds to an evening. Tim wore this suit when going dancing in the 90s. He had to abandon it after it developed an odor that was a cross between a wet stuffed animal and a dirty swimming pool. Is that better or worse than how a real Yeti smells?

Molly Shannon, Actress

A flowered jumpsuit. Those three words would strike terror in most. But if anyone could pull it off, it’s Molly Shannon. Molly has created countless memorable characters during her career, like Catholic schoolgirl Mary Catherine Gallagher, Sally O’Malley (I’m 50!) and her badly bruised Courtney Love… worth a Google, trust me. However, her most challenging role may have been that of Mom trying to find something appropriate to wear to a fancy Getaway Weekend. The flowered jumpsuit won, Molly didn’t.

Jean-Michel Placent, Private Art Advisor

I don’t think I’ve ever seen another shirt that features a Native American, a tee pee AND a pony.  This shirt proves a little Versace goes a long way. Jean Michel bought it when he first moved to the states from France. Luckily, immigration never got wind of the shirt and today he is proudly a U.S. citizen.

Annabella Hochschild

Every time this dress was worn I feel Crayola should have given some sort of kick back, or at least offered free crayons for life to you and any future offspring. I’m not totally sure what you’d call the color of Annabella’s dress but I’m guessing it might be  “Flamingo Fuck Off!” 

Patrick Grant, Creative Director, E. Tautz

It was rather brave for Patrick to admit to his Bay City Rollers plaid bomber jacket. It gives the rest of us hope that if we admit to our past fashion faux pas we won’t be shunned or chased through the streets by a torch-carrying mob. Plus, it’s always best to bring out the photos yourself before the tabloids get a hold of them.