Natural History Museum of Denmark Botanical Garden Shop

Natural History Museum of Denmark Botanical Garden Shop, Copenhagen

The shop is located in a small red-brick listed building at the entrance to the Natural History Museum of Denmark Botanical Garden. It offers a seasonal selection of plants, flowers and seeds and staff are on hand to assist with plant care and maintenance guidelines, ensuring successful care of some of the demanding and fragile plants.

In addition, you will find a fine selection of Natural History Museum of Denmark Botanical Garden postcards, posters, garden tools, and pots.

Castle Ashby Gardens Plant Centre

Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire

Castle Ashby is one of England’s most beautiful houses and the Plant Centre sits at the edge of it’s wonderful formal garden. It is a recent addition and sells quality plants grown on the estate and nearby. Choose from their varied selection of Alpines, Herbaceous, Climbers, Bedding (including 180 varieties of Fuchsia grown to order), Shrubs, Topiary, Hedging and Trees. The castle gardens provide ample ideas for planting and bedding schemes. If a specific plant or garden product is required that they do not stock will endeavour to obtain it for you.

Once plants are selected you can wander to the nearby menagerie and commune with the meerkats and the marmosets.

Biotop Nurseries, Tokyo

Biotop Nurseries, Tokyo

Depending upon how you look at it Biotop is either the best fashion store above a plant nursery, or the best plant nursery beneath a fashion store. The nursery espouses urban gardening, greenery for those who live in the city. They offer unusual plants, vintage gardening goods, planters, sundries, books, botanical art and ceramic deer. Two floors up are a wonderful café, and a treehouse in the tree around which the building is built.

The Duchy of Cornwall Nursery and Shop

Duchy of Cornwall Nursery, Lostwithiel, Cornwall

Originally a slate quarry, the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery began life producing forest trees in the late 1960s. It started to sell plants to the public in 1974 and went on to become one of the largest and most well-respected nurseries in the South West of England. Trees remain their thing, and they offer a Bespoke Tree Service, headed up by their tree-man Rob Crowle. Rob has worked at The Duchy for nearly 25 years and he can always be relied upon to find the right tree for the job.

Once trees have been bought enjoy the beautiful views from their café across the Fowey Valley to their historic neighbour, Restormel Castle.

Petersham Nurseries

Petersham Nurseries

Set beside the beautiful Petersham Meadow, Petersham Nurseries does have a fine garden centre selling patinated pots and brass misters, outdoor and indoor plants, including a fine range of architectural succulents. But the real reason to trek to Richmond is to eat at the cafe; with its dirt floor and scrubbed wood or tarnished metal tables, beneath a canopy of foliage, it is a joy. The food is mouth-watering, the bill potentially eye-watering, but it's such a rare and tranquil treat this can be overlooked. We suggest walking back towards central London along the Thames path past Syon Park and Kew Gardens.