Gemma Corbett is the owner & director of the luxury hand-made focused homeware store, 12Thirteen.

Offering only unique and handmade pieces produced by artisans and up and coming designers, Corbett’s aim with 12Thirteen is to provide a specially curated edit of objects to inspire and refine the home. All the designers featured are based predominantly in the UK but whose work spans across Europe and beyond. They are young, emerging & all producing unique, made-to-order, luxury homewares.

Without question a good authority on taste, here Corbett shows us her favourite inspirations for a modern home.

Sculpture, Marisa Merz

I recently saw Italian artist Marisa Merz’ work at an exhibition in New York and was immediately drawn to her hanging metal sculptures made from thin strips of aluminium clipped and suspended from the ceiling forming coils and spirals. These beautiful sculptures were hung to allow them to spin so you could admire their organic forms and the amazing level of craft and skill required to make them, it was this dedication to craft that appealed to me as well as her love of organic forms and is something that I hope to offer to customers at 12thirteen Store.

Red Brick Clay Vases, Mendax range by James Duck

The raw unrefined red brick clay of these handmade vases adds heightened texture to these vessels by recent RCA graduate James Duck, these are a personal favourites due to their tactile nature and natural russet clay colour they also make the perfect backdrop to the smooth yellow and black porcelain that are also part of James’ Mendax collection and are available at 12Thirteen Store.

Bed and Chair, Donald Judd

A perfect piece of classic furniture from American artist Donald Judd, Judd’s first furniture pieces were designed in 1973 and included chairs, beds, shelves, desks and tables. Judd was initially prompted to design furniture by his own dissatisfaction with what was commercially available. Early furniture was made by himself of rough, lumberyard-cut pine and in later years he produced furniture in sheet metal, with a powder-coated coloured finish. Any of his furniture pieces in wood or metal would be on my dream list but I think the ‘Library Bed’ 1979 and the Yellow ‘Corner Chair 15’ 1984, would be at the top. I love the natural colour of the wood against the bright yellow and how his seemingly simple designs allow you to focus on the form, precision and symmetry of each piece.

Ceramic Sculpture, Martin Pearce

Martin Pearce is a self-taught ceramic sculptor working out of his studio in Sussex, his forms are hand built using large coils and slabs of clay, the surfaces are finished with mainly monochromatic layers of slips and glazes designed to express form and character. Hi biomorphic style non-figurative sculptures are the perfect tabletop size and their simple colouring ensure they work in any room, their individual interplay of shape and surface are what drew me to his work.

1970s Sofa, Milo Baughman

Milo Baughman was one of the most respected modern American furniture designers of the late 20th Century. Baughman was opposed to ostentation and tended to focus on fabric choices to highlight his sleek and modern 70s designs. This sofa in its original fabric is a perfect example of the modern, clean lines of classic 70s design enlivened with the wilder geometric prints of the time.