Stefan Giftthaler is a fashion and documentary photographer living and working in Milan. His new project “Summer in the City” is a celebration of the Milanese, the summer, and their swimming pools.

“Last year on a hot summers day in Milan I ventured to the Piscina Argelati (my neighbourhood open-air public swimming pool). As soon as you enter into the complex, you're struck by the 60s design in the pool, grounds, up to the changing rooms. It even has a quite impressive skyline view with buildings by Franco Albini encroaching on the periphery.”

Giftthaler’s series details the social and cultural impact of these public places, and celebrates their architecture, redolent of the golden age of Milanese design.

Stefan has chosen for us his 5 favourite images from this series.

Piscina Scarioni

Piscina Pieve Emanuele

Acquatica Park
Piscina Argelati
Piscina Scarioni