Warley, England, 2004.

At the start of the 1995 football season Dutch photographer Hans van der Meer began a project which would run for ten years. Travelling Europe he photographed lower league football matches; the players, the spectators, the playing fields, the landscapes and townscapes in which they sat. He painted a compelling picture of the extraordinary diversity, the oddity but also the striking similarities that exist between these men of Europe as they play out their sporting fantasies, epic, tragic often faintly comic, cheek by jowl with everyday life. His images tell the story of sporting struggle, of accidental spectators watching bemusedly from doorways, car tires for benches, priest’s vestments, livestock grazing, washing, lots of washing, waving on washing lines like so many scarves on terraces. We celebrate diversity, and oddity, and we celebrate sporting endeavor and its tribal uniform.

The SS17 collection was inspired by the heroes of European lower league football and all those who follow it.

Perafita, Portugal, 2004.

Innerleithen, Scotland, 2001.

Porto, Portugal, 2004.

Knippla, Sweden, 2004.