It’s our birthday. A big special one. For this year E. Tautz turns 150.

Photograph 3

To celebrate we’ve put on an exhibition, of 150 photographs by all of our favourite photographers, artists, musicians, designers, actors and other talented friends.

Photograph 33

And all of these pictures are on sale for £150 with all of the proceeds going to the extraordinary charity Help Refugees.

Photograph 11

Of the artists in the exhibition, some are household names. Some sell their works for many thousands of pounds. Some are familiar names for other reasons and have never shown or sold a photograph before. However, the photographs in this exhibition are all shown anonymously. So you won’t know whether you’ve bought a Martin Parr or a David Walliams until you receive your photograph when the exhibition ends.

Photograph 109

You can see the photographs at our shop at 71 Duke St, or peruse them online. All are in an edition of 1.

Photograph 14


Aaron Dunleavy, Agi Mdumulla, Alan Taylor, Alex Mullins, Alexander Lewis, Alexandra Haddow, Andreas Larrson, Andrew Curtis, Andrew Lincoln, Angela Scanlon, Anneka Page, Anouska Beckwith, Ben Weller, Ben Wolstenholme, Bert Gilbert, Bodil Bjerkvik Blain,  Brendan Freeman, Bruce McLean, Bruce Pask, Camille Charriere, Carly Rogers, Catherine Hayward, Cerith Evans, Charlotte Spencer, Charlotte Wilde, Chris Floyd, Chris Keniger, Christian Louboutin, Christopher Kane, Claire Barrow, Claire Malcolm, Claudia Winkleman, Dan Cimmermann, Daniel Riera, Daniel Sanderson, Daniella Midenge, Darren Gerrish, Dave Bennett, David Coggins, David Walliams, Dylan Jones, Elizabeth Saltzman, Eloise Showering, Esme Young, Ferry Gouw, Florence White, George Harvey, Geri Keniger, Gert Jonkers, Greta Bellamacina, Harry Jones, Henry Wright, Hollister Hovey, Holly Hay, Holly McGlynn, Horst Friedrichs, Ian Samuels, Ikla Wright, Jack Wilson, Jake Walters, James Long, Jane Larkin, Joanna Sullivan, John Akehurst, John Booth, John Bulmer, John Paul Thurlow, Jonathan Meades, Josh Peskowitz, Julian Ganio, Kane Hulse, Laura Bailey, Lauren Cuthbertson, Leon Chew, Liam Hodges, Libby Scarlett, Lily Lewis, Liron Kroll, Lou Stoppard, Louise Gray, Luke Edward Hall, Marcus Schäfer, Marina Diamandis, Martha Ward, Martin Parr, Mat Heinl, Mathew Horne, Matthew Marden, Milagros Schmoll, Mitchell Belk, Mr Hudson, Nanu Wolstenholme, Natalie Keigher, Natasja Fourie, Nick Andrews, Nick Sullivan, Nicky Hirst, Nigel Cabourn, Ophelia Lovibond, Patrick Grant, Paul Stuart, Peter Lane, Peter Mandelson, Philip Sinden, Porter Hovey, Princess Julia, Robbie Dark, Roksanda Ilincic, Russell Tovey, Sam Cotton, Samuel Bradley, Samuel Wood, Sarah Muir, Sato Daichi, Savannah Miller, Sid Bryan, Sophie Green, Timo Wirsching, Tom Bunning, Tom Craig, Tom Parker Bowles, Tom van Schelven, Tomas Falmer, Tony Graydon, Ty Faruki, Valene Kane, Vanessa Garwood, Victoria Grant, Waris Ahluwalia, Wayne Hemingway, Will Broome.