Nathan Eastwood (b. 1972) graduated from Byam Shaw School of Art in 2009 and in 2014 won the East London Painting Prize. ‘My England,’ draws inspiration from the Kitchen Sink Painters of the 1950s. Eastwood's paintings are atmospheric and melancholic and reflect his everyday realities.

Time Flies When You're Are Having Fun, 2016

Time Passing, 2013

Gallery Owner Sid Motion, says of the award-winning painter’s work:

“Eastwood's monochromatic paintings depict banal moments of our everyday life in meticulous detail - I am keen to present Nathan's exhibition 'My England' in these times of such political importance, as he encourages us to consolidate the politics of our social conditions, and embraces the ordinary people at home in our surroundings”

‘My England’ is free to visit at Sid Motion from 3rd March – 8th April.

Food Bank, 2016

Bored, 2014

The Ticket, 2014

Rock & Roll, 2015

Passing By, 2014

DIY, 2014

A Pause for Distraction, 2015